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March 10th, 2014

March 2014, Ayumi Ito's official website has opened. We will update the latest information on ayumiito.com.

March 10th, 2014

AYUMI ITO blog also has just started with the website.
We are going to post the recent event in real-time with photos. Stay tuned!!




Born in Tokyo
Height: 5ft. 5.5in. / Hair: Black / Eye: Blown
Language: English & Japanese

Born in Tokyo, Ayumi Ito, always had a love for movies. When she was just 13 she made her debut as an actress after attracting the attention of director Nobuhiko Obayashi (FILM TITLE) . Her big break came shortly after when she appeared in SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLY directed by Shunji Iwai in 1991. Her performance earned her the 20th Japan Academy Award for Best Newcomer and Best Actress in a Supporting Role as well as the 11th Takasaki Film Festival Award for Best Newcomer Actress.

She later went to New York to learn English and continued to build her career as an actress. Many notable performances include ALL ABOUT LILY CHOU-CHOU (2001) directed by Shunji Iwai, SAYONARA KURO (2003) directed by Joji Matsuoka, OWL (2004) directed by Kaneto Shindo, A DAY ON THE PLANET (2004) directed by Isao Yukisada, BE SURE TO SHARE (2009) directed by Sion Sono, BANDAGE (2010) directed by Takeshi Kobayashi, and GANTZ (2011) directed by Shinsuke Sato. She also appeared in foreign movies such as THE GO MASTER (2006) directed by Tian Zhuangzhuang and TOKYO! : INTERIOR DESIGN (2008) directed by Michel Gondry.

Ayumi’ s talent also bloomed off-screen. Responding to the call of CHARA, a famous female musician in Japan, she has been involved in a band called Mean Machine as vocalist. The band has released hit songs including “Su-ha.” She provides the voice of a character in the animated movie Final Fantasy VII ADVENT CHILDREN (2005), which sold over 5 million DVDs worldwide With fine features and extremely expressive face, Ayumi has a positive determination, a sense of humility, and an inner fortitude. Leading film directors in Japan have highly appreciated her acting talent as well as her strong yet understated presence.

In her private time, Ayumi enjoys horseback riding, ballet , swimming, skin diving, and surfing to get inspired for her next performance.

Ayumi says it was invaluable to have discovered much about herself unknown to her previously through her career. Her next goal is to work with directors of different cultures and traditions in foreign lands. She is about to set off on a new journey



2014 JUDGE Mariko Akira Nagai

The Room Yumi/Lead David Shin

2013 KON-SHIN Tamiko Sakamoto/Lead Yoshinari Nishikori

SHANIDAR Yurie/Supporting Gakuryu Ishii

Yokomichi-Yonosuke Chiharu Katase Shuichi Okita

2011 GANTZ Eriko Ayukawa Shinsuke Sato

GANTZ PERFECT ANSWER Eriko Ayukawa Shinsuke Sato

2010 BANDAGE Nobuko Yukari Takeshi Kobayashi

SORANIN Ai Kotani Takahiro Miki

2009 Chanto Tsutaeru Yoko Nakagawa/Supporting Shion Sono

2008 TOKYO! Segment"Interior Design" Akemi/Supporting Michel Gondry

Aoi Tori Miyuki Shimazaki Kenji Nakanishi

2007 KOROGI Woman/Supporting Shnji Aoyama

Toukuno-Sorani-Kieta Mrs.Sawako Isao Yukisada

Tokyo tower- Tamami Joji Matsuoka

Okan to boku to, tokidoki, oton

2006 The GO Master Kazuko Nakahara/Supporting Tian Zhuangzhuang

2005 Curtain Call Kaori/Lead Kiyoshi Sasabe

Oyayubi-sagashi Chie Takada/Supporting Naoto Kumazawa

2004 Final Fantasy Advent Children Tifa Lockhart/Supporting

FUKURO EMIKO/Supporting Kaneto Shindo

Kyono-Dekigoto Keito/Supporting Isao Yukisada

2001 Sayonara Kuro Yukiko/Supporting Joji Matsuoka

Riyu Ayako Takarai Nobuhiko Obayashi

1999 All about LiLi Shou shou Yoko Kuno/Supporting Shunji Iwai

1998 Nodo Jiman Rika/Supporting Kazuyuki Izutsu

Kanzo Sensei a girl Shohei Imamura

1997 Natsujikan-no-Otonatachi a high school student Tetsuya Nakajima

1996 Swallow Tail Butterfly AGEHA/Lead Shunji Iwai

1993 Mizuno Tabibito Chizuko Kusubaya Nobuhiko Obayashi

TV Dramas

2013 Taiyono Wana Aoi/Heroine Japan Broadcasting

Mayo-Pan Miwako/Supporting Japan Broadcasting

ATERUI-DEN Kotena/Supporting Japan Broadcasting

2012 Kekkon-Shinai Mizuki Kono Fuji Television

A Falsified Romance Yoshino Tachi WOWOW

Shokuzai Mayu WOWOW

2011 OHISAMA Natsuko Takahashi Japan Broadcasting

2010 Watashiga Hajimetetsukutta Dorama Kazumi/Lead Japan Broadcasting

Sitcom“Shuen Summers” Nobuko Yukari TBS

Kiokuno Umi Satomi Ono/Lead TBS

2005 Kasaino Hito Special Machiko/Lead TBS

Seishunno Mon Hatae TBS

Osamu Dazai Story Tomie Yamazaki TBS

2002 Wedding Planner Kurumi/Supporting Fuji Television

1999 Lip Stick Eriko/Supporting Fuji Television


2013 IYAMUSHIRO WASURETE KUSA Futaba/Supporting Dir. Shiro Maeda

LOVE LETTERS   Melissa/Heroine Dir. Yoji Aoi

2009 BLACK BIRD Una/Lead Dir. Tamiya Kuriyama

2006 Material Mama Tokie/Supporting Dir. Ryo Iwamatsu

Post Production

2014 DANCE DANCE DANCE(Belgian short film)  Yukino/Lead Dir.Ken Ochiai

Hikari no nai(Short film) A woman/Lead Dir.Kensaku Kakimoto

Miracle(Short) Woman/Lead Dir.Carl Rinsch

TV Commercial

2012-2014 Morinaga Milk Industry Co.,Ltd." Mt.Rainier Cafe Latte "

2012 NTT DOCOMO "Walk with you"

2011-2013 Life insurance "Meizi Yasuda Seimei"


Ace Proteca"ProtecA"

2007-2008 Kao Corporation "STYLE FIT"


2006 Urban Renaissance Agency"UR Chintai"

SONY BRAVIA (narration)


2004 FANCL "Mild cleansing oil"

2001-2003 JACCS CO., LTD.-"JACCS CARD"

1999 Kewpie Corporation- "Aohata Jam"(narration)

1998 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd (narration)

1996-1997 KADOKAWA Bookstore"Mini Books"


1993_2013 MONTAGE 01’45’’ Private Video



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